Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spirit of Adventure

I know we're one of the last couples in America to see the movie "Up", which we did last night. The theme of the movie is adventure, which made me think about the differences between my husband and me. When we were dating, I remember walking to Grant Park and Abe telling me, "Stick with me and you'll live a life of adventure." Anyone who knows me knows I am not an adventure-seeker. Yes, I enjoy traveling and was the first in my family to visit Europe -- Eastern Europe at that -- but I like, well, tame adventure. Like museums, itineraries, and no liability waivers. My husband, however, has had a spirit of adventure from the get-go. Even his mom talks about how she used to find him as an infant outside his crib -- she could never figure out how he got out. While my family had great vacations that I treasure to historical places and beaches, Abe's family was more wild. He hiked Maccu Piccu with his dad. He para-sailed in Mexico. As a college student he flew back from Hong Kong by himself.

Without giving the movie's plot away, the theme is adventure that is lost. Someone who has a desire for adventure that gets lulled into everyday life that the adventure is still a dream years later. My husband routinely pushes us for adventure. And I've done and seen things with him that I never would have thought possible. He had us try surfing, which I was scared &$(*-less to do, but I did and, even with really crappy instruction, I did really well. I didn't hurt anyone else or myself, and the thrill of riding a wave was amazing. We also tried sea kayaking, which was an example of a failed adventure, but hey, if we hadn't tried we wouldn't have discovered the best shaved ice place on that side of Oahu.

As we prepare to embark on a few adventures in 2010, the movie made me realize that yes, stepping outside your comfort zone is scary, but the end result shows you that life is more than what you thought possible. And that is worth the risk.

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Mandy said...

one of our favorite movies too :)
enjoy your next adventure to Maui!!